Necessary Supplies For Plant Growing

Growing plants is an excellent habit, they not only can feed you but it develops a caring attitude towards nature. I have been growing plants for a few years, You can find a wide variety of plants in my gardens, but when I was starting out, I have trouble finding good supplies for my plants. When it comes to planting supplies, I never hold back on quality. Today I am going to talk about most of the common type of supplies that everyone who plans on growing plants will need at some point in time.
Basic supplies can be divided into:

  1. Base to grow plants(Pots, Mats, Etc)
  2. Growing Accessories(Greenhouse Kits, Support Cages, Plant Containers Etc)
  3. Labels for plants
  4. Grow Lights
  5. Fertilizers
  6. Pest Control

Base for growing Plants

The names define pretty much everything, but still, I am going to talk a little about them. For a seed to grow into a plant, you need a certain environment. Suppose you go to park you see many trees and plants growing from the soil but in our home, not everyone has a place to plant in soil. Therefore, It’s created artificially by very simple using pots and containers to put soil into and grow out plants in it. This is not a new method, It’s being used since a very long time, and it’s widely used. Also, You don’t need to worry at all about the quality of plants; It will be just as good as if you grew them in the ground directly. These can be of several types; Everything depends on the kind of plant you want to grow.
To use these is also very simple. Here are the steps for how it goes.

  • Firstly you need to put soils in the pots/containers.
  • Remove a little soil about 3cm and put your seeds inside the hole you just dug.
  • The last step is to cover the seed with soil.

Remember it’s very important that you treat it like a real plant. Regular watering and other needs, In a few days you will see your first plant. Trust me it’s the best feeling, and it will motivate you to grow more plants and take care of them.

Vital Growing Accessories

When scaling your plant growing passion, There are some tools and accessories which are a must to buy. I can keep naming a countless number of useful accessories since there are several varieties of tools needed for growing different types of plants. Example, For peas, nets are widely used to keep the growth in a small area.

Support Cages

If you are new to all this, You probably haven’t heard about support cages for plants. These are vital accessories which can be hooked with your flower pots. They only support the growth of plants but also promote them to not go out of shape. In a way, you can say you are forcing them to grow in a single direction that is upward. Some people might debate that it’s not the best idea to use these since we are not letting plants to grow freely and it’s not good. But personally I use them, and they are handy when it comes to managing a good quantity at once.

Why Label Your Plants?

labeled plantsSo, You might have seen small labels telling you what kind of plant it is. You might not need these if you are starting out, but as you start to work with greater quantities of plants, This is a fundamental necessity. When I started out labels were very important to remember where I grew which plant, so I don’t mix everything up but as the time went by and now I can recognize plants just by looking at them. Still, I would recommend all of you reading this to take labeling plants very seriously. This helps a lot when you manage a time table to maintain your plants. With these, you can make sure you are doing everything correctly. While writing this, I also realize I need to buy some labels for my plants; They make everything a lot easier.

What Are Grow Lights?

This is surely on one of the most interesting topics when it comes to growing plants. If you are getting started, This is probably not for you. This is the technology used these days to grow plants in artificial light. You can watch the video above for more information. In short, these LED grow Lights are capable of creating such wavelength of light which can be used by plants to do photosynthesis. They are sure not cheap but are very useful for commercial growth, Since it’s very suitable to grow plants in an artificially created but appropriate environment.

There are several types of grow lights.

  • Fluorescent: These lights are very popular between commercial plant growers because of how affordable it is. The life span of these lights might be a variable, but they still are used widely. I have had my shot at the indoor plant growing, but it was a great success, Thanks to these lights.
  • Light Emitting Diode: If someone told you it was very expensive to grow plants inside, They were probably referring to these. They can range anywhere from $500-5000 but we all know with great price comes great technology. These weren’t invented centuries ago but are using used since a long time because of its extraordinary capability. These are the closest to creating perfect light required by plants at a very constant wavelength and frequency.
  • Plasma Lights: As the name suggests, these lights are based on plasma technology. I have read how these lights work but don’t have much experience working with these. So I would suggest you guys refer to the video above for more information.

Fertilizers For Soil

Fertilizers are the foundation of the enormous growth of plants. The soil that you plant your seeds in needs to be very rich in nutrition but with time your seed will grow into a plant and consume most resources from it. This is where you need to make sure that you are constantly feeding it up with great quality of fertilizers. I am going to be soon posting a detailed guide for choosing fertilizers based on species of plant you are growing.

Dealing With Pests

Pests Attacking PlantsI think it’s my responsibility to explain this sector of plant growing in detail, So I am going to try my best. Let’s understand it like this;

Suppose you are a plant and vampire are pests, They will try to steal nutrients from you. This is a very serious issue, You spend hours and lot of your hard earned money it feeding your plants with best possible nutrients, and then you get you to know that pests are sealing away nutrients from your plants. It’s very necessary to get rid of them from the soil that you are growing your plant in. In this modern days of technology and bio-science, It has become very each to get rid of these. There are certain chemicals called pesticides which help you to kill the unwanted pests off your field. This is not very healthy since with the pets it also gets consumed by plants. Therefore it’s best to try to stay away from these and keep your soil pests free from the start.