RevolveLED’s Collection and LED Lights Uses

RevolveLED’s Collection and LED Lights Uses

Revolve LED serves end users, contractors, enterprises, governments, and wholesale distribution clients for both residential and commercial lighting applications, and solid-state lighting products.

Prior to being included in the product line, each of the products underwent thorough development and testing maximizing energy savings is important., delivering industry-keeping costs to the end user as low as possible while maintaining industry-leading reliability

Along with the immediate energy revolveled's collection cost savings, products also significantly lower the expense of upkeep over the course of the lamps' lives.

Numerous consumers qualify for rebates from their utility providers, which in certain circumstances can significantly lower or even completely absorb how much it cost them to purchase energy-efficient LED lights.

The environmental sustainability of Revolve LED products is a priority in their design. Goods are produced entirely of recyclable materials and contain NO MERCURY.

Where can you use LED lights?

Parking lots, airports, campuses of colleges and corporations, shopping malls, strip malls, office buildings, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, arenas, parks, and other outdoor locations all employ LED area light bulbs. These lights produce a broad, consistent beam of light that illuminates a space all night long.

With a variety of mounting options, LED Area Lights can be mounted on poles or building facades. Choices for dusk to dawn photocells.

High-quality LED site lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Revolve LED Area lights provide long-term dependability and energy efficiency. Contact us right away if you have any inquiries regarding our commercial LED area lights, and we'll help you locate the items you require.

What lighting should you use for the working area?

Depending on the purpose of the area, the color and temperature of the site area should change. According to Davis, Varying light spectrums and intensities have different effects on health, thus it's important to know how much light is necessary and what those effects are. We consider in our design.

RevolveLED's Collection

Commercial LED outdoor lighting

Any building, commercial or residential, that is well-lit at night will stand out among the others, from security requirements to architectural features. For both new construction and retrofit needs, we provide top-notch commercial and industrial outdoor LED lighting.

A variety of brightness and beam dispersion solutions for wall packs, floods, area lights, canopies, and pathway lights are centered on value. All are simple to install.

In addition to LED wall packs for building exteriors, flood and spotlights, ceiling light fixtures, parking lot lights, and LED canopy lights, the best range of commercial and industrial exterior lighting.

Commercial LED indoor lighting

Locating the LED indoor lighting for new construction or retrofit needs that fits budget and illumination requirements. In offices, this indoor light is easy to install.

New LED lighting improves vision and production while lowering utility costs.

Revolve Special Konlite

Find incredible discounts on products made by renowned LED manufacturers. Clearance, discontinued, and supply closeout products are all included in outlet sale items, and they are all covered by original Manufacturers' warranties.

Limited quantities, brand-new merchandise, and original packaging. An excellent approach to begin switching to LED from conventional lights. None of the sales is returnable.

Lighting Layout

Lighting layout is very important because it makes the attractive lighting shadow. Depend on their design layout. There are several lighting layouts.


Hope you have got all information about our RevolveLED collections, LED area, and site lights. We have broad categories of LED lights with a return policy. Keep in touch with us for more LED light products information.