How to Determine the Perfect Dual Shower Head Type for Your Bathroom?

How to Determine the Perfect Dual Shower Head Type for Your Bathroom?

If you want full body coverage with excellent water pressure, dual or twin shower head is a worth picking option. These shower heads are the first choice of many picky customers because they provide thorough body cleaning with an eye-striking design.

As the name indicates, dual showers come up with two shower heads that work independently. The showers are designed for multi-purposes and make the showering experience as much easier as possible.

Whether you have health-struggling elders, naughty kids, or furry friends in your family, these shower heads will solve all your problems instantly with one or other shower heads. Dual shower heads are pretty unique and different than all other shower head types because of their multiple head combinations.

This article will explain all the factors you should determine when purchasing dual shower heads. But first, let’s have a look at general concerns about dual shower heads!

Can Both Shower Heads Maintain Their Water Pressure Simultaneously?

Water pressure is a very important factor in showers as it’s the high pressure that turns simple water flow into a shower. However, decreasing water pressure is a common issue when we turn two taps in the bathroom at the same time.

As the dual shower heads are connected together so, most people seem confused about whether you can use both heads with the same potential simultaneously or not.

Definitely Yes! Dual shower heads are designed with regulators in both heads. These regulators maintain the shower head pressure even when you are using them simultaneously, but first, you need to ensure that the shower is getting enough water supplies from pipes.

How to Determine Perfect Dual Shower?

To get a perfect shower option, consider the factors below;

1. Choose the Right Shower Head Combination

Dual shower heads are available in multiple options like handheld-fixed, handheld-rain, handheld-adjustable, high and low-pressure shower heads. Based on your requirements and bathroom interior, you can choose the most appropriate option.

2. Height Adjustments

In the majority of dual head combinations, one head is always handheld. The handheld shower head usually comes up with a rail or slide to maintain height. This height adjustment helps the user to achieve full shower head potential.

When choosing the dual head, it’s better to purchase the height adjustable shower. The Declinko dual shower heads are available in different combinations, quality, and designs so that customers from diverse backgrounds can get their desired shower.

3. Space Availability

Like many other shower heads, most dual head combinations do not demand large space even when you use both heads together. However, the combination of a rain shower head with a handheld might need more space than usual.

So, based on your bathroom size and fixtures arrangement, pick the right option. Still, dual showers with handheld wands are recommended for compact bathrooms as they are not water splashing.

4. Hose Size and Structure

All the dual shower heads contain a hose to attach both heads. These hoses are of different types and lengths. When choosing the dual shower head, ensure that the hose is flexible with a twisted design and long enough to cover most of your showering space.


This article contains everything you need to know about dual shower heads. Regardless of the option and combination, keep the installation cost within your budget to avoid the hassle, and visit Declinko for stylish and high-quality dual shower heads.