How best to rock a crystal necklace on a dinner gown

How best to rock a crystal necklace on a dinner gown

It's so much work to pick out a dinner gown to wear for a special occasion. It's harder to pick out the right jewelry that matches your outfit. As simple as it may sound, throwing a piece of jewelry over your outfit takes a bit of skill that not many people have. Luckily, this article has been written to help with that. Crystal necklaces are very stylish and in Vogue. These look absolutely dazzling on dinner dresses, and you can play around with these to highlight your best features or to hide any of your features you don't like. You can get one of these at

Here are time-saving ways to rock your Crystal necklace on a dinner gown

1. Pair busy prints with simple jewelry

One of the greatest fashion mistakes you could ever make is wearing loud jewelry with a gown with busy prints. A total fashion disaster. In this scenario, your look would look so far away from sync. Your accessories should be as simple as ABC if you have any really flashy gown or one that has busy prints. Solid accessories instead of flashy ones are the most appropriate.

2. Consider your skin tone

If you have multiple pieces of jewelry that you know will look good with your outfit and don't know which one to choose, go for the one that accentuates your skin tone. Many people tend to overlook this when they're dressing up. If you want to look put together, match your jewelry with your skin. Silver is one of those metals that can go well with almost all natural tones. For people with dark hair, gold isn't a bad idea. Crystals with shades of blue are a good option for people with cool skin tones. Yellow and orange are perfect for warm skin tones.

3. Consider your shoulders

If you have big broad shoulders, look for necklaces that draw attention away from your shoulders, that is if you want to hide them. Longer necklaces with a pendant at your chest level can achieve this effect. If you're going to show off your shoulders, opt for smaller chains.

4. Coolness and warmth

You can mix warm-colored crystals with blue or purple-colored dresses. You can also mix cool jewelry with your warmer shades. If you are confused about this, the color wheel can help you. Opposing colors on the color wheel would make you look effortlessly coordinated and stylish. It's all about striking a balance.

5. Pearl gemstone crystals

If the color of your dress is warm and sea-like, you can never go wrong with pearls. Light blue especially, with pearls, will make you look angelic, and you'd be the cynosure of all eyes that night.

6. Don't forget your confidence

No matter how stunning your outfit is if you aren't confident enough in it, it could affect your posture and overall look. Tell yourself you're the prettiest person in that gathering and believe it! Walk like you aren't afraid of anything. This doesn't mean you should overdo it, though. Your self-confidence and carriage matter a lot in your dressing.


Follow the above tips to rock that crystal necklace, and don't forget to have fun at the dinner party.