5 Ways to Incorporate Glitter Mascara into Your Everyday Makeup Routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Glitter Mascara into Your Everyday Makeup Routine

In the world of cosmetics, glitter mascara has gained popularity, and for a good reason. It can be used in various ways to produce various effects and adds a playful, sparkly element to any look. You can use glitter essence mascara in the following ways in your regular makeup routine.

Apply it over regular mascara as a top coat

Adding glitter mascara as a topcoat to your regular mascara is one of the simplest ways to incorporate it into your makeup routine. Apply your preferred mascara as usual, then add the glitter mascara on top. This will give your lashes a hint of sparkle without being overpowering. It's also a fantastic way to glam up a daytime ensemble.

Make your lash tips stand out

Try using glitter mascara to highlight the ends of your lashes for a more understated way to incorporate it into your routine. Apply your regular mascara first, and only use the glitter mascara on the tips of your lashes afterwards. This will produce a cute, flirtatious appearance ideal for a night out.

Use it as a liner

Instead of using traditional eyeliner, experiment with glitter mascara if daring. Apply the glitter mascara to your lash line using an angled brush after dipping it in the product. This will produce a striking, sparkly look that will draw attention. Use a neutral eyeshadow along with the glitter liner to make your eyes stand out even more.

Incorporate it into a bold eyeshadow look

If you enjoy wearing bold eyeshadow, add glitter mascara to your routine for additional sparkle. Add glitter mascara to your lower lashes and a matte or shimmery eyeshadow to your lid for a fun contrast. This is a fantastic way to put together a distinctive, striking appearance ideal for a night out.

Combine it with your regular mascara

For a more understated appearance, try combining glitter with your regular mascara. Add one or two drops of glitter mascara to your regular mascara tube and shake it. This will add some sparkle to your everyday mascara without being overpowering. It's a fantastic way to inject fun into your regular outfit without going overboard.

Additional Tips:

  • Create a Gradient Effect: Start by applying your regular mascara to the base of your lashes, and then apply the glitter mascara to the tips. This will create a gradient effect that looks stunning.
  • Use it as a Highlighter: Apply a small amount of glitter mascara to your brow bone or the inner corner of your eyes for a subtle highlight.
  • Pair it with Bold Lips: If you wear a bold lip color, use glitter mascara to balance your look. A touch of sparkle on your lashes can help create a cohesive, glam look.
  • Experiment with Colors: Don't be afraid to try different colours of glitter mascara. Gold and silver are popular choices, but you can also find glitter mascara in pink, blue, green, and more.
  • Remove it Carefully: Glitter mascara can be more challenging to remove than regular mascara. Use a gentle eye makeup remover, and remove all traces of the glitter to avoid irritating your eyes.


No matter how you incorporate glitter mascara into your makeup routine, there are a few things to remember. First, choose a high-quality glitter mascara that won't flake off or irritate your eyes. Secondly, remember that less is often more for glitter mascara. Going overboard is easy, so start with a small amount and build up from there. Finally, experiment with different ways to incorporate glitter mascara into your routine. With these tips and tricks, you're sure to create a fun, sparkling look that is perfect for any occasion. So add some glam to your everyday makeup routine with glitter mascara!