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How To Not Smell Like Weed?

We all know cannabis has a strong smell and it’s very likely that everyone around you notices it. There might not be any problem when you are around friends, but it’s necessary to get rid of it when you are with your parents.
Since you are here, I assume you smoke weed and are looking for a solution to the smell. There are some ways this problem can be addressed.

Air Fresheners

febreze air freshners
This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the smell. Always keep an air freshener around your you. You can also use a deodorant. Most of these are made for masking any kind of smell. Best part I like about using Air freshers is that they are very cheap and portable. You can carry a small one in your pocket all the time.

Smoke Filters

diy smoke filter
I got this idea from a youtube video. This is how it works. You have to use a dryer sheet to filter out the smoke. This will take some DIY skills, but it’s worth it.

Firstly you need a toilet paper roll. Now simply put dryer sheets around the roll. Use a rubber band to keep them together. After taking in marijuana smoke, You exhale it through this DIY filter, and You don’t need to worry about the smell anymore.

Smoke Odor Candles

smoke odor cancle
I use them often, I would mention that these are not the best way to get rid of the smell but can mask it well. They are very easy to find, You can get them at any local store or on Amazon.

They come in several odors. Personally, I prefer lavender. I won’t recommend going for something costly, but yes they do get better as you increase the budget.

Electronic Air Purifiers

electronic air filters
These are the expensive but one-time solution for the smell. Air filters are electronic devices which filter the air inside of a closed room through a carbon filter inside of them. These are very effective, and with one of these installed in your home, You don’t need to worry at all about any smell spreading.
If you have guests often, This is probably the best solution for you. You won’t need to spray fresheners over and over again; this will take care of all the smell for you.

More Tips

Recently I realized that the leftover ash could spread the smell very quickly. I would use my room freshener but still feel marijuana smell over time. It was due to the leftover ash. So, Just make sure you get rid of it after you are done with smoking.

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