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How Long Does a Weed High Last?

While trying weed for the first time can be pretty exciting, it is common knowledge that the effects of a weed high don’t last long once you get used to weed. The duration of a weed high rests heavily on the quality of the weed, mode of administration and essentially differs from individual to individual. It is also very easy to grow your own weed to ensure quality, If you are interested to know more about the same refer Plant-Supplies.com.

The experience can be euphoric or overwhelming for a first-time user whereas a chronic user might feel nothing at all. Orally ingested marijuana would provide a milder weed high that lasts for a long duration. If consumed in a capsule or infused with food, you might take around an hour or two to have a weed high. But once you perceive one, it should last no lesser than six hours. When you inhale weed, the tetrahydrocannabinol impregnates the brain within a matter of minutes. While you might take an hour to perceive the sensation of a weed high in case of inhaling, it would begin to fizzle out no sooner than an hour or three at the most. And in the end, all of this depends invariably on the quality and amount you’re consuming.

Weed comes with numerous positive high effects. A glimpse at them shall not do you harm!

  • Weed helps to intensify your senses and increase the clarity of what you’re perceiving.
  • Visual perception can be rewarding with patterns that are easily recognizable and colors that appear brighter.
  • It can increase and stimulate your appetite.
  • It changes how you perceive pain or time.
  • It enhances your olfactory and hearing sensations.
  • It energizes your taste buds and enhances your sensation of taste.
  • It makes you more sensitive to pressure, heat or cold.
  • It makes you more observant towards objects.
  • It increases your willingness to remain loyal and enjoy better music!

Well, would you be surprised if we told you – you could actually experience a “cannabis hangover?” If you’re wondering how that might be possible, read on. The acute effects of weed die down in one’s body after a couple of hours but the half-life of a drug allows it to remain in one’s fat after draining out of the blood for long periods of time. As the fat begins to burn, it is re-released into the bloodstream where it has a potential to affect your internal environment.

If you’re thinking this gives you a longer weed high, it doesn’t. It gives you a hangover. The higher the doses of weed, the higher the chances of a hangover. Consumption of too many edibles can keep you exhausted and unfocused for an entire day!

How to tell if you’re having a cannabis hangover? Some apparent signs include headaches, drowsiness, brain fog, dehydration, fatigue, grogginess and dry eyes. Though this isn’t as worse as an alcoholic hangover, it might leave you tired. To replenish your energy, drink lots of water, consume food that’s healthy and nutritious, a vitamin supplement like B12 or Omega 3 fatty acids and a good night sleep.

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