How To Grow and Take Care Of Venus Fly Trap

small headed venus fly traps

Venus flytrap is one of the most amazing plants on our planet. It shows how a plant can have the capability to act stimuli around it and interact with the environment.

Is it hard to grow Venus Fly Trap?

Not really, it’s one of the simplest to grow plants. Though many people have trouble with it, so let’s find out the right way to grow it.

The first thing to know is there are several kinds of venus fly trap; some have sharper sheets, and others might have bigger heads, etc. There is a really great read about this on Wikipedia.

Secondly, unlike all the other plants, this doesn’t rely on fertilizers in the soil. Adding nutrients to the ground is not going to help venus fly trap in growing at all. Actually, it might even kill it. This is because the way a root of plants work is, they have low quantities of specific nutrients, which enables when to pull them from the soil. Since this plant is not very familiar with such kind of nutrients, it doesn’t help it grow.

Kind Of Soil? Pure.

indoor growing venus fly trap

After going through the above content, I am sure you are wondering what kind of soil do we use then?
You need to use pure soil, which is free of any kind of nutrients.

How To water them?

I have seemed many people are filling their fly traps with water. This isn’t a good thing; they don’t need so much water to grow, in fact, too much of it can even be unhealthy for them.

I recommend merely watering the soil such that it’s moist, make sure you don’t want it so that the plant in literally standing in water. It is a big mistake.

Do they Need Sunlight?

venus fly trap grow lightsYes, these aren’t some plants you can help in your room. They are native to high temperatures and plenty on sunlight. You have to keep them into sunlight whenever it’s possible to maintain them.

If you would like to keep them indoors, you can get grow lights. But they aren’t really a feasible option if you want to keep these plants as a hobby. Simplest alternatives is to just keep them in sunlight few hours a day.

Another exciting thing is that; It’s one of the only few carnivores plants and very unique in itself.

Now it was the time to conduct similar experiments on the plant and surprisingly it was possible to control a Venus Fly Trap with the same kind of electrical signals, Which proves that plants have the full understanding of surrounding and they are actually alive.

What makes them special?

head of venus fly trap

Clearly, it’s not the only carnivore plant known on the planet; there are few more. But, what makes it different is that it can feed on both, insects and do photosynthesis. Consuming a fly once in a month can provide it with enough energy to live but in case it’s not able to capture an insect, it can still photosynthesise.

This is important for the plant because of its small size, Growing in a forest where the plane is filled with substantial wild trees, it can be hard to get direct sunlight. In such kind of situation, it depends on catching insects to feed itself.

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