Forget Me Not Seeds – Everything You Need To Know

Forget Me Not flowers are blue cheery flowers of old school flowering specimen plants that add charm, grace, and beauty to your garden. While you see them sprouting almost everywhere in the wild, they need indirect light, cool weather and moist soil for proper growth. While these flowering beauties are excellent self-seeders, it is imperative you know about planting forget me not seeds especially if you plan on planting it on new territory. Before going any further you might first want to check out Necessary Accessories For Plant Growing.

The Right Time

forget me not seed favours

Almost everyone loves forget-me-nots – thanks to their absolutely appealing nature and easy to grow hassle-free process! These hardly tiny plants die when the winter winds blow but sprout back to life with the arrival of spring. Year old plants usually flower in the next spring month. The best part about these plants is you can plant them anywhere and anytime round the year to receive beautiful flowers within a year. These beautiful plants are biennial – they flower and die over the course of the second year. And this is the same time when they release seeds literally everywhere. You can move them in early spring once the tiny plants have been left to overwinter.

If this is the first time you’re planting forget-me-nots, the best time is between the months of March and August, in case you’re expecting them to flower the upcoming season. While seeds that have been planted early in spring might flower by fall, seeds sown in the fall shall allow flowers to bloom from the next spring.

Soil,Site and Location.

When you’re planting forget-me-nots, make sure you make the right choice when it comes to selecting the site or soil amendment. The best plants shall require plenty of organic matter and a great drainage system in addition to suitable soil. This helps plants to grow faster and better.

A location that enjoys a partial shade is best preferred for these tiny plants. Avoid direct sunlight under all circumstances. If you desire earlier blooms, you can sow the forget-me-not seeds indoors three weeks before the last expected frost. If you choose outdoor sowing, you need to plant seeds in well-worked soil with 1/8 part of the soil sprinkled gently on the seeds.

Growth & Precautions

Forget-me-not seeds shall take around 8-14 days to germinate if they enjoy moist soil and partial shade. The plants should be placed 10 inches apart to allow them proper room for growth. It is advisable to plant outdoor plants getting the plants accustomed to outside conditions over a couple of days.

When we mention that forget-me-not plants need well-worked soil with a plenty of moisture, it is crucial for you understand the perfect soil amendment besides the fact that boggy soil shall adversely affect a plant’s growth. While the occurrence of pest issues or diseases is relatively low, they suffer from powdery mildew while they approach the end of their lives. These plants need a chilling period to coerce the growth of buds and be big enough to produce flowers. After flowering, the entire plant dies. You can have more flowers in that site by leaving the plants to sow themselves naturally until fall.

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